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How has it been 8 years since I started instructing the exhilarating Zumba?

The feelgood factor after each Thursday Zumba classes has not diminished after all of these years, and with new people still joining week after week, it shows this was a genius creation by Beto.

To keep people coming back week after week I try and keep the routines fresh, without adding too many in so no-one knows what they are doing!   It can be hard to find the time to choreograph new routines whilst juggling a young family, a full time job and running a dance and fitness school, however I wouldn’t do it if I didnt love it.

If you want to feel the thrill of Zumba for the first time or want to return and feel happy and refreshed again, come and join us.  We meet every Thursday at Ferrars Junior School, Lewsey Road, Luton 7.30pm.

Lots of Zumba love




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