A million thank you’s for everything you did leading up to and on the day of our wedding. It was perfect and exactly the way we wanted it to be.
We were both very nervous about the wedding dance but decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it with a choreographed routine.
Karen was the perfect combination of encouragement and understanding. She really listened to our concerns and tried to understand the problems (of which there were many) that we were having at different
stages of the process. She is obviously an extremely experienced dance teacher, and despite the very real terror at our looming humiliation, was very calm. She really made us believe we could do it…… and we did!

We are both so glad we went for it.

We were swept up in the moment and didn’t notice the crowds of onlookers at all. Looking back at the photos we were both surprised anyone was watching at all. The dance lessons were really good fun and a lovely way to spend time laughing with each other in the run up to the big day.  We cannot thank you enough.

Nonni and Christian Duggan


bob and rosie

We really wanted to surprise our wedding guests with a proper routine for our first dance. We had thoughts about how we wanted it to look but had absolutely no idea how to put something together and make it look good. Nicola changed all that, putting together a routine that transformed us from awkward looking thunderbird puppets to tidy little movers, confident in our performance. We looked forward to every lesson, Nicola’s welcoming and friendly nature instantly made us feel relaxed. She put together a fantastic dance with steps that looked slick but weren’t overwhelming for us to learn, even when we asked for a couple of lifts to be included. Nicola was always flexible with lesson bookings and often ran over our alloted time so we could practice a bit more. The fun and laughter we all had made the whole thing an absolute joy, it was a shame when it was all over. On the day people came up to us afterwards saying it was the best first dance they’d ever seen. Considering neither of us had ever danced before, the fact that Nicola achieved this in just 5 lessons is a testament to her superb teaching skills. We’ve watched our video back loads and it makes us smile every time. We wouldn’t hesistate to recommend NKB Dance school to anyone else, we can’t sing their praises enough.

Rosie and Bob

Nicola and Karen – thank you so much for teaching us our first dance and not pushing us too far outside of our capabilities!! You made usfeel totally at ease and as a result we burnt more calories laughingthan we did dancing! Our weekly lessons were certainly a highlight inour wedding plans and our first dance was fantastic! Thank you onceagain – we will most certainly recommend you to anyone who needs ahelping hand for their wedding dance!

Emma & Richard

Nicola and Karen helped make our wedding very special by designing a wedding dance to suit out personalities. We are not the type that just wanted to shuffle round the dance floor, so with 3 lessons and a lot of fun we got the dance and the confidence to enjoy our 3 minutes of fame. Nicola and Karen were great teachers, have plenty of imagination and were very patient. They made us feel at ease and we enjoyed every minute of our lessons.

Gill and Dave

“We contacted Nicola and Karen as we wanted to do something a bit different and special for our UK Blessing as we had got married in Greece and hadn’t had a traditional ‘first dance’. As time was really short Nicola & Karen were given a copy of our wedding song that we wanted to dance to and designed a routine for us before we met with them. At our first lesson they showed us the routine which blew us away – there was no way we were going to learn that in 2 weeks! But how wrong we were. We had 3 one hour long lessons and the routine was perfect on the day. The lessons were great fun, in fact we found it hard to stop giggling. Karen and Nicola were very patient with us and were the perfect teachers, even helping to look after our 4 year old daughter during the lessons. I cannot recommend Karen and Nicola highly enough. If you are having any doubts, just do it!! You won’t regret it and it will make your wedding day all the more special and memorable. Plus, you also have the bonus of actually being able to dance properly. In fact, my husband is now suggesting we have regular dance lessons!”

Helen and Chris

In terms of how we both felt about the lessons, we liked the fact that we could have lessons separately and together and that there were 2 of you to teach us as this meant we got to learn the steps ourselves first and there was less pressure when it was with either you or Nicola.

It was good to have a studio to dance in as it gave us an idea of what it would be like on the day. The steps were kept really simple and I liked the intro and finish to the dance. There was no pressure put on us, the lessons were very relaxed.

I can only apologise to you both as we were still rubbish when we finished! But at least we did it eh! I haven’t got any photos to send you as Giles keeps them on his laptop but if I get a chance to send one I will.

Maureen and Giles

Well what can I say about these two lovely ladies – it took me a long time to convince my then fiancée that this was the way forward. ‘Let’s do something a bit different ‘I said and I can tell you he was not keen, but having met Karen and Nicola he felt at ease with them. Not only are they very professional, they are funny, good fun, and made us feel completely confident. They came up with a routine for us in a very short time for our three chosen songs – a slow to start then a bit of MJ then finished with Usher, so bless them they had their work cut out. The guests at the reception loved the routine as much as we enjoyed doing it, so thanks girls, you are not only fab dance teachers you are lovely ladies, “friends come into your life for reasons, seasons and lifetimes” thankyou x

Sheila and Nick

We really wanted to do something a bit different for our wedding dance – something which we would enjoy watching on the DVD, but we were a little apprehensive about whether we would end up embarrassing ourselves. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case!

Karen and Nicola immediately made us feel at ease and were really down to earth so that we actually enjoyed our sessions and had a bit of a laugh – a nice relief from the usual stress of planning a wedding.

They put together a routine which really suited our personalities and looked impressive but wasn’t over complicated. We didn’t believe we could learn an entire routine in just 6 weeks but with their expertise and support, we were ready for our big day and really ‘WOWed’ our guests.

Zoe and Jamie