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How has it been 8 years since I started instructing the exhilarating Zumba? The feelgood factor after each Thursday Zumba classes has not diminished after all of these years, and with new people still joining week after week, it shows… Read more »


What a brilliant time we had for Kim’s birthday. Kim and her friends came along for a 2 hour private dance session and put their hearts and souls into it.  As you can see from the photo they certainly dressed… Read more »

To launch the newest class to the NKB timetable we are offering a free PiYO t-shirt for all 4 week courses booked.   Get your t-shirt fast as they are subject to availability and the offer is only open until the… Read more »

Disco Duck the pre-school dance class has set of with a flying start at NKB School of Dance. Thank you to all the lovely mums, dads, grandparents that have joined in with the seaside activities and danced with your little ones… Read more »

Here at NKB are proud to announce that from 6th June 2015 we will be hosting the award winning programme Disco Duck Classes on Saturday Mornings at Heathfield lower school in Caddington! Disco duck is the ultimate pre-school dance experience… Read more »

As we all know dancing is fantastic for our health, physically it burns calories, builds stamina, tunes our balance and also releases a huge amount of endorphins which makes us very happy people! But many of us don’t know how… Read more »

Nothing says that January has arrived than everyone moaning about their new diets and how hard they are hitting the gym. With over indulging over Christmas and most of us eating and drinking three times our body weight in goodies… Read more »