For the welfare of our pupils and in line with health and safety, we would ask that the below guidelines are read and adhered to:


  • Termly payments run throughout our children’s dance classes (unless stated otherwise) and fees must be made at the first class of the new term or online the weekend before the start of the term
  • Please inform us of any holidays and school commitments prior to┬áthe start of the new term and we will happily deduct the cost of the class from the fees. Costs can not be carried over if missed within that term
  • We ask that you do not put us or your child in a position where we are unable to allow them take part in the class due to the term fees not being paid for upfront. Credit will not be given under any circumstances
  • All items of clothing must be paid for upfront and will not be ordered until monies have been received. Any items of clothing that do not fit and require returning to the supplier, will incur a return postage charge which will need to be paid prior to returning the items. Details can be found in our class folder


  • An NKB uniform must be purchased within 6 weeks of starting our classes and be worn to every class. The uniform is also used during the examination sessions that take place yearly

Suitable for our dance classes are -

  • Tracksuit bottoms, combat trousers, leggings, cropped trousers and shorts (no jeans)
  • Jazz dance shoes, dance trainers and plimsolls. Trainers are not to be worn for dance class and will only be accepted when rock’n'roll and street dance courses take place
  • Socks are not allowed for dancing in
  • An NKB top must be purchased from us within 6 weeks of starting our classes


  • If 4 dance classes are missed within a term, your child’s name will automatically removed from the class register. If for any reason you know your child will not be able to attend for a period of time, please contact us
  • We will not allow any pupil who has been absent from class for more than a 6 week period, to take an exam with us that year


  • Please ensure your child is well enough to participate in the dance class and we would ask that they do not attend if feeling poorly. If unwell during the class, a parent or guardian will be called to collect them
  • Food (including chewing gum) should not be consumed during the dance class. Drinks will be allowed at break time and we would ask that all pupils attend class with a drink as we do not have drinking facilities at our venues


  • All NKB pupil information sheets must be completed and returned within one week of attending their first class, for health and safety purposes
  • We ask that everyone respects the venues we hire and adhere to their rules: ┬ábeing respectful of the venue, no eating at the venue, that the schools are working businesses, not making too much noise in communal areas


Thank you for taking the time to read this important information

Nicola & Karen